Finding Ways to Spend Less on Phone Service

By Mariette Johnson Wharton, VP of Marketing

We’re noticing a trend with our customers that is probably similar to the overall population.  Not surprisingly, given the state of the economy, many are taking a long, hard look at their phone costs and weighing how much value their home phone service is offering.  With most using mobile phones, the costs pile up.

One conclusion we’ve seen some of our customers come to is that they can save money by replacing their regular phone service with Vidtel. If people are paying $40 or $50 or more  a month for phone service, they can save money with Vidtel.

We figured that most people would go for the $99/year ($8.25 a month) for video calling and then once they discovered how easy it was to use the service and how rewarding the quality was, they might upgrade to the plan that also includes unlimited calls in the US and Canada for about $21 a month ($249.95).  It’s great to know that some people are finding our “premium” plan of great value, too.

One customer in Virginia reports he pays $39 a month after all the taxes are included for basic service and 50 calls a month. He switched to Vidtel, calculating that he could save money by upgrading his phone line to include unlimited video calling and video mail with Vidtel.  After hearing reports like these, I decided to shift our messaging…Get more for less!


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