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Vidtel and WBS Connect Introduce Innovative Video Calling Services

Vidtel and WBS Connect announce strategic partnership to address growing video communications needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses. Vidtel’s service increases productivity and shrinks travel costs.


Have You Seen the Video Phone Wristwatch?

By Mariette Johnson Wharton, VP of Marketing Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this month…Our sons’ dream come true…a video phone watch! 

Finding Ways to Spend Less on Phone Service

By Mariette Johnson Wharton, VP of Marketing We’re noticing a trend with our customers that is probably similar to the overall population.  Not surprisingly, given the state of the economy, many are taking a long, hard look at their phone costs and weighing how much value their home phone service is offering.  With most using […]

Video Calling: Why Now?

By Mariette Johnson Wharton, VP of Marketing The History For at least a century and probably millenia, people have imagined a technology for seeing and talking to others miles away. A video calling vision from 1910. The challenge, of course, has been matching reality to the dream. For decades, attempts at making video calling appealing […]

Video Calling: What Has Changed?

By Mariette Johnson Wharton, VP of Marketing Everything. Video phone calling services are no longer choppy, expensive and awkward. Consider the barriers from earlier video calling attempts: Quality, Cost, and Convenience. Quality Today, we don’t have to suffer from slow connection speeds. High-speed broadband connections (e.g., DSL and cable) are ubiquitous in many areas. Vidtel’s […]