Vidtel and WBS Connect Introduce Innovative Video Calling Services

Vidtel and WBS Connect announce strategic partnership to address growing video communications needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses. Vidtel’s service increases productivity and shrinks travel costs.


Video phones in telemedicine

By Mariette Johnson Wharton, VP of Marketing Remote patient care is a wonderful application of video phone technology.  For the last three months, Northshore Medical Center in North Miami has had in place an innovative method for treating stroke victims: teleneurology.  North Miami reportedly has one of the highest per capita instances of stroke in […]

Video Calling: Why Now?

By Mariette Johnson Wharton, VP of Marketing The History For at least a century and probably millenia, people have imagined a technology for seeing and talking to others miles away. A video calling vision from 1910. The challenge, of course, has been matching reality to the dream. For decades, attempts at making video calling appealing […]