Video phones in telemedicine

By Mariette Johnson Wharton, VP of Marketing

Remote patient care is a wonderful application of video phone technology.  For the last three months, Northshore Medical Center in North Miami has had in place an innovative method for treating stroke victims: teleneurology.  North Miami reportedly has one of the highest per capita instances of stroke in the country and immediate treatments saves lives.  If one of the staff neurologists is not available to treat patients, the video phone solution can allow a patient to be seen virtually and treated instantly. Read more at Northshore Medical Center Teleneurology. So far, 50 patients have been treated with this approach. Looking forward to seeing many more such rewarding uses of video phone technology in the near future.

Photo by Brian Connelly.



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  1. Amy
    Posted April 16, 2009 at 3:06 PM | Permalink

    We’re currently using a telemedicine system from a company (don’t want to mention it’s name), but it isn’t working out too well. It’s lacking some features that we think could be very useful, like video conferencing. We’re evaluating a couple of telemedicine systems. I like the TCXI from BL Healthcare. It has support for video conferencing which is definitely something we need. Anyone out there that has used this system, or any other system that does good quality video conferencing?

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